Seedy Rental

Seedy Rental is the only VHS rental in Thompson Falls.

A weather-battered sign hangs over it’s front doors that reads ‘Seedy Rental’. The lettering and surrounding motif sports different types of fruits and what looks like the roots at the base of a tree. It looks like the sign has seen better days. The only other prominent feature view-able from the outside is the bright red glow from the ‘OPENLED in the nearby window.

The inside is small and cramped from the numerous VHS shelves. A faint smell of cigarette smoke tints the air. Every aisle has a designated genre, usually sharing only one or two to themselves. The horror section however has multiple, taking up the majority of space within the rental. A checkout desk with a tattered chair can be seen towards the back. A lone door behind the desk has a taped piece of paper reading ‘NO ENTRY’ on it.

Seedy Rental is owned and managed solely by Lester Boyle, who can typically be seen at the front desk.

Seedy Rental

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